Artist Statement

A deep-rooted desire to explore and experience the vast wilderness regions of the American Southwest have helped to both shape and inspire my artistic focus. In my images I explore the connection that light, shadow, texture, patterns, and color play in human emotion through a subconscious connection to the natural world.

My creative journey began by creating black and white landscape images using a large format view camera and traditional darkroom techniques. In turn I moved into medium format, 35mm, and now on to creating both color and black and white images using a Digital SLR and the digital darkroom for further creative expression. In my work I utilize techniques such as hand blending and focus-stacking to increase dynamic range and depth of field in order to help express my own interpretation of the desert and mountains that I explore. The images that I create are saturated, vibrant, luminous interpretations of the world that haunts my dreams and drives me to push ever deeper into the untamed wilderness of the mountains and deserts of this world.

Canyon Fire
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